Live recording with Rapunzel studios

Do people always tell you they prefer your live shows to your recordings? Or maybe you need a new album but don't have the time or money to go into a real studio to record it? Or perhaps you need an audience to bring out the best in your performance. Either way, we've got the solution for you here at Rapunzel Studios.

We will bring our mobile recording rig to your concert and make a multitrack recording which we will then mix and master to perfection in the studio.

Our presence will be unimposing and you'll hardly notice we're there (apart from maybe some improved live sound). Everyone from Joni Mitchell to Belle and Sebastian has released a live album. The benefits of this way of recording are that it can be time and cost effective because of the reduced hours compared with studio recordings and the energy of your live show is retained in the record.

We'll bring a mixing desk, a laptop, various cables, stands and what ever microphones necessary to capture all the best aspects of your sound and you can even put the audio to any video captured at the gig to make top quality promotional material.

Here is a little clip of BBC folk musician of 2012 Tim Eday that I recorded last year. Don't hesitate to send us a message you'll be pleasantly surprised at our prices!

Part B: As an aside to this topic, we here at Rapunzel are pleased to have a close working relationship with award winning film maker Margarita Leonore who can come and film your best songs at your gig and edit them to make a real piece of art which you can share on social media to get more fans and better paid gigs. Margarita specialises in animation but has made some beautiful music videos for signed artists and has also collaborated with the furious sessions in Barcelona which is sponsored by national news paper "El Pais". Check out her webpage and here is her latest music video:

Margarita's skills come at a price but I think you'll find them very reasonable for the quality of her work. Get in touch to see what she can do for you.

Thanks for reading everyone. We look forward to hearing from you at Rapunzel Studios.


"The benefits of this way of recording are that it can be time and cost effective"