Stem Mastering - Preparing your audio files and how to send

Export or bounce each stem track as a WAV or AIFF. One for each instrument or voice. Stereo files in 32, 24, or 16bit, preferably 24bt. 44.1khz, or 48khz, or 96khz.

Stem Mastering - £30 per song
You'll receive;
Your Mastered track in 16bit (for CD)
Your Mastered track in 24bit (for digital upload/streaming)
Instrumental version (upon request)
Acapella version (upon request)

Please give your tracks a bit of headroom and have them peaking around -4dB. If your mix bus has processing on it please removing as this can effect stem bounces in some DAWs. We can also include your ISRC codes if you have them. Please send your files to using wetransfer.

Online stem mastering