Online mixing - £50 per song
Online mastering - £20 per song
Stem mastering - £30 per song
Production - Price varies

Professional Online Mixing and Mastering.

Rapunzel studios provides the very best online mixing and mastering for record labels, producers and independent artists. We will take your tracks or stems and turn them into a professional master which is ready for itunes and other digital streaming, CD or radio. Using high-end analogue and digital equipment your mix will sound the best it possibly can all at a very affordable price.


Mixing is critical to getting the best out of your songs. A good mix engineer helps your audience really feel your songs. This is not just about balancing levels but also about clarity, depth, width, having the right amount of dynamics and fullness, punch and having the vocals in the right place. A decent mix will set your music apart and will make sure you sound your best on the radio, itunes, youtube or on disc.


You've got your stereo mix and you're happy with it, now you need the final finishing touches to get your songs ready for whatever medium you want them for. If necessary, we'll balance the EQ on your tracks, mild sweetening using different techniques including compression and saturation and we'll get the right volume and limiting to get the most out of your songs.

Stem Mastering

Stem mastering is half way between mixing and mastering and the price is reflected in that. Instead of mixing every single audio track in your song, you send me stems of each instrument or voice. For example you'll send the Vox group stem, Drums group stem, guitar group etc etc this way I have more control than just mastering a stereo mix of your song.