Mixing - Preparing your audio files and how to send

Please export or bounce each audio track of your song as a WAV or AIFF file. For example Lead Vox 1, Backing Vox 2, Over head left 3, Over head right 4, Room mic 5 etc etc. Mono or stereo. 32, 24 or 16 bit is fine preferably 24 bit. 44.1khz, 48khz, or 96khz.

We accept paypal or direct bank transfer

Mixing and mastering - £50 per song
You'll receive;
Your mix and mastered track in 16bit (for CD)
Your mix and mastered track in 24bit (for digital upload/streaming)
Instrumental version (upon request)
Acapella version (upon request)

Leave all effects or processing off the tracks unless absolutely vital to the sound. For example no compression or EQ but if you have some special chorus or reverb that you simply must have, then leave it on. You might need to take off any effects on the master bus too. Please take care that nothing is clipping. The more head room the better.

Online mixing

Make sure you bounce or export each track from the same start point so as to not cause complications when lining up the tracks. Please send to rapunzelstudios@outlook.com using wetransfer.com (link below).