Here is a more comprehensive list of the services we can provide at Rapunzel Studios:

Studio Recording

Professional quality recording of your material recorded using our high-end equipment, recorded at our beautiful studio in Seaton, Devon. 

Here's an example of something recorded in our studio.



If you have some songs that you'd like to expand a little bit and add other instruments to or if you have a certain vision for your music then Rapunzel Studios is probably the best and most cost effective place to do it in the west country. George Arnold is our studio engineer and he has a working knowledge of many types of music from Folk to Rock to Hip-Hop to Reggae to Pop and to many types of world music and when you understand the music and its different components, you can understand how to make the record. George plays many different instruments including; Double bass, trumpet, tuba, guitar, drums, keys so any sound that you have in mind can be made reality at Rapunzel studios.

Here's a song produced by George Arnold at Rapunzel Studios.


Remote recording

If you'd prefer to record in the comfort of your own home or if you have your own practice space where you have everything set up, we can come to your space and record you there. We will bring all the vital equipment with us and some acoustic treatment material to make the recording then mix and master the audio back at the studio.

Here's an example of something we recorded in somebody's rehearsal space.


Live Recording

If you want to capture the energy of your live shows then we can bring our mobile rig to your gig and make a multitrack recording of your show which we will then mix and master in the studio. This can be a very time and cost efficient way of releasing your next album. Those who do a lot of touring know that sometimes you go and play the same venue every year and sometimes the audience are the same people as last year and most of them have already bought all your albums. Quickly release a live album so you've got something to sell! Read more about Live Recording.

Here is something we recorded live in the Dolphin pub, Beer.


On-line mixing and mastering

Do you record at home? Or do you have some multitrack files recorded that you've never gotten round to finishing? We use some of the finest outboard gear and world class plug ins on every mix which gives us the advantage over most studios in Devon and the south west. Just send us the files and we will do a professional, radio ready mix and master which will leave you sounding better than you could imagine. Read more about Our Professional on-line mixing and mastering.

Choirs and Orchestral

We can do top quality choral or classical music recordings. Usually done unobtrusively at your concert you will hardly know I'm there. If your choir needs a good quality recording then we really know how to make classical and choral records with a minimum of fuss.

Gifts Sessions

Do you have a musical friend who needs a little helping hand? We do gift sessions which can be done on a per song basis. We can also provide backing tracks if you want to sing a cover version - ideal for stag or hen dos or corporate team building exercise.


We can provide fully professional music videos directed by the award winning Margarita Leonore. Whether you want a conceptual video clip or just a film of you playing live then Rapunzel studios is the place.  We also do a series of Videos in the studio called Behold! Please take a look at our video services in more detail.