The gear


AKG D12: THE bass drum sound, I've yet to find a mic that captures the same sound as this which you've heard on so many records and is instantly recognisable. I use it in conjunction with the Shure beta52 or an LDC like the AKG c414. Famous users: The Beatles.



Neumann KM84: Considered by many to be the best acoustic guitar mic ever made. An excellent SDC which is not too bright like many are. I use them on acoustic, strings, drum over-heads, percussion, piano, double bass and room mics. Famous users: Everyone


Neumann U67: One of the holy grail vocal mics. Great for female and male vocals alike. I use it for vocals, the side mic in M/S recording, drum room mic, double bass f hole. Famous users: Countless hit records from Bob Dylan to Nirvana to Stevie Wonder.


Shure sm57: Used in almost every studio. I use them sometimes on snare drum, toms and guitar cabinets. Very useful workhorse. Famous users: It is a staple on snare drum on many records also Bono famously sang into one on  Achtung Baby.



AKG c451e: This is the vintage version, the one with the output transformer. Very much like the KM84 but brighter so I use it for the same things but when I want more high end. Famous users: Jack Johnson, Pink Floyd.




Neumann U47: The other holy grail vocal mic. The Beatles to Mariah Carey and everyone in-between sing into these things. Used almost exclusively for voice and acoustic guitar because I'm afraid to break it. You won't find many of these in the west country! Make the most of it!


Shure Beta 52: My favourite modern bass drum mic. I use it with the AKG D12 to accentuate the lows and the slap of the beater. Sounds great on the beater of the drum and great on bass cabs, bottom of the snare and occasionally guitar cabs. Famous users: I don't know but I'm sure there are many. Paul White from Sound on sound is a big fan.




Coles 4038: Beefy drums! An old BBC designed ribbon mic these mics are dark but take EQ well. They sound amazing on brass, especially trumpets. This mic was used lots for crooners - smooth, full, detailed sound. My mic of choice for guitar cabs, drum ohs, brass, some vocalists. Famous users: Led zeppelin, Bat for lashes, crooners.




Neumann U87ai: World famous vocal mic. Sees little use as a vocal mic at Rapunzel because I prefer some of my other mics for most voices but I love it suspended in the bridge of a double bass! Also great as the side mic in m/s recording of acoustic guitars and other strings. Despite what you read on the internet there is no difference in sound between the ai version and the vintage version - just a higher output. Used by Bob marley, John Lennon, Jeff Buckley, Lily Allen, Duran Duran, the list is endless.


Shure sm7b: Michael Jackson's vocal mic. This is a dynamic vocal mic used on many hit records. I use it when a vocal needs to be punchy and rhythmic. Great for rap and metal, beat-boxers and screamers. Famous users: Michael Jackson, Metallica, the xx, Kings of leon.


AKG c414b ULS: Super work horse mic. Sounds good on almost anything. I use it for piano, room, guitar cabs, brass, strings, acoustic, bottom of the snare, backing vox. Famous users: Coldplay famously used these on piano.



Neumann tlm 102: Great voice over mic. Also good for rock vocals and room mic. Does a good job on my double bass. No Famous users that I know of but who cares?





Pre amps:


Lachappel 583e: Great valve mic pre. Makes such a big difference to any microphone. Running a vintage amperex valve. Came out favourite in a gearslutz shoot-out.
Avedis MA5: Awesome Neve style preamp. Great for anything especially drums, bass guitar beefy sound.
Rupert Neve Designs 511: Clean or coloured. Versatile and straight to the point.






Neve 8816: Great summing mixer. Makes your mixes sound like they've been mixed on a big Neve mixing desk like so many hit records. This was a game changer for us at Rapunzel.




Midas Venice f24: 24 channels of boutique quality preamps and a very musical eq which I use on every mix. Great converters too.





Thanks for reading everyone. We look forward to hearing from you at Rapunzel Studios.