George Arnold, Rapunzel Studios

Rapunzel studios is run by George Arnold, a qualified sound engineer in Seaton, Devon. Its location away from the hustle bustle and its sea views make Rapunzel studios the most creative and beautiful space to record.

If you'd prefer to record in your own space then Rapunzel studios is completely portable and George has recorded many things in various locations.

In 2003, George studied Music Technology in Bath and since then has been taking every opportunity to record and make great music in a diverse range of styles from Rock to Brass-band via Gypsy, Folk and Latin-American. He has recorded some of the best musicians in Barcelona where he was living between 2007 and 2014 and where his reputation as a producer spread widely among the vibrant music scene there. George is a multi-instrumentalist so if you'd like to add some different sounds to your songs he can play Double Bass and Bass Guitar, Guitar, Trumpet and Tuba, Drums and percussion as well as being proficient in programming electronic elements.


Rapunzel is one of the best equipped commercial studios in the west country. We boast the best selection of microphones you could wish for; amongst others a 1955 Neumann u47 with original m7 capsule and VF14 tube, a Neumann U67, a pair of Neumann km84s and some Coles 4038. We run Logic pro 9 through a Neve summing box to get that classic analog large mixing desk sound on your mixes. For a full list of our equipment click here.


Obviously, the price will depend on your requirements which makes it impossible to give accurate pricing here. Please get in touch to discuss your needs and we'll give you a quote. We like to work on a per song or per 3 songs or per album basis which gives the artist more freedom to create in a relaxed atmosphere as opposed to the pressures of working to an hourly rate. This ensures that the artist comes away happy every time.

For a more detailed explanation of our rates click here.